SKOG (means “forest” in Swedish / Icelandic) started as a small project in the east coast of Sweden while Gautami Agarwal, the founder, was staying in the country and working with art. Gautami has always had a very sensitive skin since childhood, so she found her best friends in the ingredients readily available in the kitchen. As she moved from one country to another, she would just use the fresh ingredients available in the city for her skin and hair care. While in Sweden, she was overwhelmed by nature and how deeply it was embedded in the culture and everyday life. She started using local ingredients to make some formulations for herself and soon enough for people around her.

The formulations worked well for others too and started to spread by word of mouth. In 2019, she decided to move back to her country, India and take SKÖG to the next level.


The freshness of the morning breeze on your skin or the scent of the forest cannot be imagined but experienced. At SKÖG, we use the best of the ingredients to bring to you the very essence of the Swedish bliss in a bottle.

Inspired by the Swedish way of life, SKÖG is a unisex beauty brand. The products are researched in Sweden and handmade in India. All the ingredients come from Sweden and various parts of the globe in their purest forms. Each and every product is formulated to not only deliver results naturally but to also strengthen the skin or hair from the inside to prepare it for many more years to come. For us, a product does not just start and end at using the best ingredients and formulations but we also focus on other elements in and around the product to please all senses of the user that engages with it.


All the ingredients used in our products are of the highest quality. They are produced and procured in ethical and sustainable ways. All preservatives used in our products are naturally certified.

At SKÖG, we have pledged to not use any ingredients derived from animals nor we test any of our products on animals. We are proudly a cruelty free and vegan brand certified by PETA. Furthermore, you will not find any paraben, artificial fragrances, sulphates, silicones, petrochemicals or phthalates in our products.