14 APRIL 2020

Due to the spread of Coronavirus, social distancing has become really important. This phase of lockdown can get quite difficult and it gets even more important to stay occupied, happy, and most importantly positive.

We never really planned to write about this lockdown but after a few weeks of social distancing, we feel that it is the need of the hour. Our family, friends and lovely clients are under a lockdown in different parts of the world. We do not want to scare anyone but would really like to highlight the seriousness of the situation we all are in.

Kindly stay home for yourself and others. Strictly follow all health and hygiene advice given like washing your hands, sanitizing and cleaning groceries and amongst many others.

We feel that you all are probably in the same situation as us under a lockdown. Staying indoors with so much time on our sleeves can be physically and mentally challenging. During this time of distress with “social distancing”, “pandemic”, “quarantining”, and “flattening the curve”, the life concept, HYGGE can really be of help.

But what is HYGGE?

If you are already not familiar with this Danish obsession of comfort and well-being, then let us introduce you to Hygge (pronounced hue-guh). This word is derived from a sixteenth-century Norwegian term, hugga which means “to comfort” or “to console,” which is related to the English word “hug.” Hygge is one of those beautiful words with deep meanings that cannot be just translated to one word. This Danish concept encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life.

Hygge is not just a feeling but a lifestyle for nurturing happiness, peace, and belonging through simple pleasures of life.

In the book, The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets To Happy Living written by Meik Wiking (CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen) explains that hygge is everything from “the art of creating intimacy,” to “coziness of the soul,” and even, “cocoa by candlelight”.

You know it when you feel it but some key ingredients are relaxation, indulgence, comfort, and togetherness.

“The true essence of hygge is the pursuit of everyday happiness and it’s basically like a hug, just without the physical touch,” he says. 

The Little Book of hygge: Danish Secrets To Happy Living by Meik Wiking

Practicing Hygge

We put together some hygge tips followed by our family and friends to make this coronavirus lockdown situation better and maintain a positive mindset. Most importantly, focus on those little everyday joys to keep your mood up.

. Create your hygge castle
There are no strict rules or guides to turn your home into a hygge sanctuary; make changes as you like. The main goal should be to have things that promote peace and comfort. To begin with - you can make the temperature of the house more comfortable. You can include textiles like table covers, rugs, bedspreads, throws etc. to get a more warm cozy feeling. Scented candles and home diffusers can play a big role in calming your senses.If you are into reading, get a bookshelf with all your favourite books. In case you are more of a Netflix person, get in a projector, blankets and your favourite people to watch it with. Some board games, a fireplace, bath salt and some great tea or coffee are some other elements to add to your hygge home. Don’t forget your little furry friends, pets are a great source of hygge both mentally and emotionally.

. Don’t take shortcuts
Now that you have so much of time, dedicate it to self care and healing. This is the perfect time to skip that quick shower and indulge in a luxurious bath.  

 Include essential oils, candles, and bath salts to enhance your mood and relaxation. Instead of a quick skin routine, do a proper skin care ritual you have been postponing. Stop using premade pastas or breads or sauces when you can explore your culinary skills and cook/bake fantastic meals.

. Travel through the books
What's better than a cup of tea/coffee, blanket and your favourite book. Usually we are too busy to get on with our reading plans but now we have all the time to complete the books we wanted to read.So go ahead and grab those books or find the ones that might interest you online.

. Learn something new / enhance the existing
All this time we have in our hands gives us a great opportunity to learn something new or enhance our skills. Listen to podcasts or learn from Youtube or enroll for online courses. Some interesting things you can learn are - a new language, painting, photography, dancing or a software but surely the possibilities are endless.This is also a fantastic time to go ahead with planning or looking into implementing long pending plans.

. Stay active
As all the parks and gyms are closed, we need to be creative with how we can stay active. It is not only about exercising to lose weight or keeping fit but more than that, it keeps you positive and elevates your mood.

It can be fun to be creative and workout with what you have. There are some fantastic workouts online using table, chair, your pets or even towels.

. Stay connected
Social distancing does not mean you cannot talk to your loved ones. Find the time between all the Netflix shows, cooking, and reading to get in touch with your family and friends. This is a great time to catch up with long lost friends too. Thanks to technology, it has made it easier for us to stay connected. As we all are globally under a lockdown and facing similar situations, it is always good and feels positive to connect with others.

We hope that you will at least try to embed hygge in your lifestyle, not only during the lockdown but continue afterwards as well once we all are back to our normal lives. Time flies and we will never find the right time to take care of ourselves or spend time with our loved ones and just be happy.

Lastly, let us know what you are doing during this lockdown period to keep yourself happy and positive in the comment section below.  

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