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7 APRIL 2020

Apart from being one of the happiest and gender equal countries in the world, the thing Swedes do really well is taking good care of their health and skin. The women have the most beautiful skin and we all just always wonder how. So we decided to do a little digging around to bring to you what it really takes to look like a Swede.

Ribersborgs Kallbadhus in Malmö, Sweden

Ultimate Cold Bath Ritual

Swedes love to spend their time surrounded by nature. In this country, swimming is not just a summertime favourite activity but a cold bath (kallbad) is their favourite pastime in winter months too. Spending time in a hot sauna completes this therapeutic process, they spend a little time in the sauna before and after the dip to prevent any cold. Apart from endless benefits like reduced stress, better immunity, better blood circulation, cold baths do wonders for your skin too. The cold water gives a better appearance to your skin and hair, prevents acne, tightens your cuticles and pores, preventing them from getting clogged.

Hydration! Hydration! And more hydration! 

Swedish women understand that hydration is important. They take a little extra care of the vulnerable areas like corners of your nose, hands, feet, and elbows before the day starts and before bed by applying the right lotion or oil. They also understand that hydration is not only external but also internal. Drinking at least 1.5l of water a way is a part of their day. 

They Swear by Sauna

Women in Sweden go to the Sauna almost religiously to not only relax their body but also detoxify every inch of it. This benefits both mind and body which is one of the habits amongst many embedded in their lifestyle. A good lifestyle does contribute to ones beauty.

“Less is more” is not only said but followed

This philosophy goes deep into their skincare routine. Swedish women are not a big fan of a 11-step or a 9-step beauty routine, they believe in a basic skincare routine until and unless they are really into it. They tend to opt for products that are natural, easy to use and have multiple benefits.

Oil is more essential than you think

Through all those winter months, people tend to take care of their skin more but might forget about how important hair care also is. Therefore, natural oils can be a saviour making it easier to untangle while adding lustre and shine in the harsh weather conditions. Oils also helps to protect the skin deeply moisturizing it.

Art of Resisting Layering

Women in Sweden prefer to keep it real with unmatched subtlety. Even in winters, the only layering you will notice is clothing, not make-up unlike in other parts of the world. Women really keep their look natural which also comes which is probably because of their dedication to wellness and the way they grow up in nature. Their routine, for instance might include just a good base and a highlighter with some neutral shades, keeping it really natural. The women are more inclined towards wellness and good skin care instead of cosmetics. 

We will let you try these little tips for yourself for sometime and see how it really makes a difference for your skin but also your overall wellness. Let us know how you felt and the changes you saw as you followed these. 

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