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It’s often in our mid 30s when we realise the effect of aging is hitting us. But how often do we recognise the early signs of aging? It’s in our 20s, when these signs can start to show. This is also the right age to start building an anti aging skincare routine. As we have heard in all spheres, prevention is better than cure. So what’s stopping us from preventing the dreaded damage to our skin that comes with age?

While we can’t stop the years from passing by, we can control the effect they have on us. The first step of discarding any problem is identifying it. We must focus more on what’s going on with our skin, so we can pinpoint the main areas of concern.

Listed below are some of the first signs of the aging process. This damage is not only preventive, but can be reversible too, in many cases. So grab a mirror and analyse with us. Let's get started!

Fine lines, Crow’s Feet, Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

These are probably the first noticeable signs of aging. They can start to appear around the eyes, or even the forehead, and between your eyebrows. As the years go by, they become more pronounced. The primary reason for this is the lack of hydration, and using the wrong formulation in your skincare and makeup.

As for puffy eyes and dark circles, chances are you aren’t a stranger to them. These can get very visible even in your early 20s. Increasing stress, screen exposure, and lack of sleep are a few main causes.

Another thing that boosts this is stress. As good as you may be at hiding your signs of worry, your skin misses nothing. These early lines take your glow away. Meditation and yoga are great ways to manage internal stress. This is not only good for the skin, but will help you lead a more balanced and happier life. 

It's also important to give your eyes some much needed rest. After all, that face pack with cucumbers on your eyes sounds pretty good. But if you don’t have the time and patience for it, an under eye cream or repair oil is just as good, if not better. Our Under Eye Repair Oil is formulated with Licorice, Rosehip, and Cranberry oils. It tackles fine lines around the eyes. It also reduces puffiness and lightens dark circles. A plus point? It comes with a soothing metal roll on, which cools the eyes.

 After your skincare comes your makeup. Ensure that you are using the right formulation for your skin. Before applying any makeup, prepare your skin with a moisturizer and serum. Using too much powder can enhance the fine lines, as it sets in them. Instead, use more cream based products, so the skin looks more even for a proper finish.

Sunspots and pigmentation

Sunspots occur because of excessive sun exposure and the lack of protection from it. Pigmentation is a result of excess melanin production. This has many causes, however the main one still remains sun exposure. These sunspots and pigmentation may be very visible. In other cases, the UV-damaged cells may be at the lower surface, which emerge with time. If you have been lazy about wearing sunscreen all these years, it will soon catch up to you. But, the damage is thankfully reversible.

Using retinol on the skin can go a long way. But make sure you use it wisely. Apart from this, Vitamin C works well to reduce hyperpigmentation. Our Clarifying and Brightening Serum is specially formulated to reduce pigmentation, marks, spots, and discolouration. Use it before bed, or in the morning. If you incorporate it during the day, don’t forget to top it with sunscreen!

For your body, essential oils such as Sweet Almond Oil give great protection from UV damage. Our Cedarwood/Petitgrain Body Oil contains various essential oils. Cedarwood and Petitgrain have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These work directly to reduce hyperpigmentation in the body and strengthen the skin. Regularly massaging with it helps in protecting your skin from harmful rays and destructive pollutants.

Dull Skin

Dullness is a result of reduced rate of cell turnover as well as dehydration. As we age, our cells don’t replenish as quickly, and the skin loses its glow. This is where the importance of exfoliation comes in. By exfoliating, you remove the dead skin cells that accumulate. To regenerate the cells, keep your skin hydrated and moisturised.

Another factor that affects your glow is exposure to free radicals. These are present in polluted air and attack your skin. Choose products that protect you from these unwanted molecules. Using Argan Oil to massage your skin can go a long way. It deeply nourishes and adds moisture. It is also a great protector from free radicals. We also suggest using the Clarifying and Brightening Serum which has richness of natural Vitamin C. It evens out the skin tone, giving you a healthy and radiant glow. It also contains Swedish Elderflower and Sea Buckthorn, which clarify the skin, keeping it healthy and clear. These ingredients work well to remove dark spots and blemishes.

Inculcating physical activities in your everyday routine is beneficial. Be it brisk walking, playing a sport, or working out. This improves blood circulation in the body and promotes good blood flow. This adds a glow to your skin and reduces the dullness.

Loss of Elasticity

Collagen and Elastin is the magic duo that keeps our skin plump and tight. As we age, they start depleting. This sags our skin. This makes an early anti-aging regimen even more important. Lots of hydration and moisturisation backs up collagen production. This helps keep your skin from drooping. The Cloudberry/Sea Lettuce hydrating cream is high in magnesium and mineral levels which slows down water evaporation rate of the skin and allows a deep skin moisturisation and hydration.

Face exercises and yoga also help in keeping the skin firm. It exercises the face muscles and improves blood circulation. There are many techniques that can easily be incorporated in your everyday schedule. It’s not much of a hassle either. These exercises are simple and require ten minutes of your time in a packed up routine. It is advisable to apply any oil or serum before massaging your face, to avoid any cell damage. Jojoba oil is an excellent supplement. It makes the exercise smooth, while supplying nutrients. It helps promote collagen synthesis. Regular use will also show noticeable changes in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


An anti-aging routine is never just limited to skincare. It is also equally important to bring about lifestyle changes that have an impact on your skin. We have compiled some of the important things to keep in mind when starting an anti-aging routine

Use a silk pillowcase

When you sleep, any other pillowcase can feel harsh. Silk or satin pillowcases are smooth against your skin. They also help avoid formation of sleep lines. What’s more is that it doesn’t remove or absorb the products on your skin. This will make your night routine more effective.

Meditate in the morning

Meditating in the morning can give you an early boost. Meditation is a great way of organising your thoughts and reducing stress. Worry and tension show on the skin. This will help you get a youthful glow, much like in your carefree years.

Do not smoke

Smoking is in general harmful in many ways for our body. For the skin in particular, the smoke reduces the blood supply to the skin and causes dullness. It also furthers the appearance of unwanted aging lines. So if you do smoke, it’s advisable to quit.

Use the right products

With a vast variety of products now available, researching is vital. The one thing more important than skincare, is correct skincare. Find out about ingredients and formulations before applying any product. Instead of following a trend, see what’s best for you. Get enough sleep Who doesn’t love a good sound sleep? But as we age, we start treating sleep like a luxury, not a necessity. It is essential to reinforce the importance of a good night’s sleep. When you sleep, the skin regenerates. This boosts cell turnover, and keeps your glow intact. No surprise that we call it a ‘beauty’ sleep.

Keep hydrating

We often tend to forget to have enough water with our jam packed schedules. But, hydration is a must. Our bodies need at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday, which is approximately 1.5 litres. You can have a glass after every hour. If you are not very good at keeping up with this (let’s be honest, a lot of us aren’t!), you can have your phone remind you. Hydration flushes out toxins from the body, keeping the skin clear and fresh.

Never skip sunscreen

No matter how many times we may reinforce this fact, it’s never enough. Sunscreen should be permanent in your routine. Exposure to UV rays depletes collagen. In fact, 80% of facial aging is said to be the result of repeated exposure to sun. Make sunscreen your best friend, and you will surely reap the benefits. It not only protects you from harmful rays, it also delays the effects of aging and improves skin texture.

After lots of scrutiny and planning, we hope you have a better view of your concerns. Aging is a natural process, and we must welcome it with open arms. That being said, proper care is vital. This care will help you age gracefully. Start your pampering session as soon as possible, and get ready for some surprised faces when you reveal your real age, when asked a few years down the line.

Drop more of your aging skin concerns in the comments below. We will help you develop a retirement plan for those problems!

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